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Jane Austen's Writing Table Quilts

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Jane Austen's Writing Table Quilts 


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Web Exclusive (not available in shops)
Autographed Set - DVD (60 minutes) with CD of patterns
Electric Quilt software NOT required.

Jane Austen's Writing Table

Jane Austen wrote her novels at a small, twelve-sided table in the dining parlor in Chawton, and that shape inspired my settings for 6 or 12 diamonds from Quilted Diamonds and Quilted Diamonds 2.

On the DVD
Part 1 - Advantages of Hand Piecing, with detailed, close-up video of stitching (30 minutes).
Part 2 - Pressing & Trimming, plus settings, and suggested quilting designs (30 minutes).

Writing Table Quilt   Writing Table Quilt  Writing Table Quilt

On the CD
50 pages to print, including PDF files with all of the templates required for each of the three Writing Table Quilts, to print on paper or freezer paper.

Writing Table Quilt Basket Diamond

There are 6 new basket designs which are not in the QD books.

The diamonds are inspired by the Jane Austen coverlet, but are a different size. For a pattern for a replica quilt, please see the Inklingo pages.

Harriet was most happy to give every particular. (Emma, Ch 55)

CANADIAN QUILTERS  If this is the only item to be mailed, and if you request it, this item can be mailed in Canada to save on postage. Instead of $25.90 (including postage), the total will be $17.70 US (including postage and GST).

I watched this DVD for the first time in about three years and realized that, even though the hand piecing lesson is pre-Inklingo and made for Quilted Diamonds, it is a perfect introduction to hand piecing for quilters who have not hand pieced before because they thought the preparation was too tedious. The close-up stitching and pressing are both done on a diamond that is very similar to LeMoyne Star in the free Inklingo collection. This CD/DVD set is an unbelievable value while the sale lasts. Enjoy.

PRE-INKLINGO  This was pubished in 2005, before Inklingo, so the designs are not in a suitable format to print directly onto fabric.

Secret Pal? GREAT Gift.

Kuddos on your fabulous lessons on hand piecing. Couldn't be better or clearer. I am a visual learner and the DVD lessons are clear, concise and MEASURED! That means I don't need to constantly rewind to catch all the nuances. I am not new to sewing, appliqué, quilting or needlework but boy, for some reason the thought of hand piecing was intimidating to me. I am so excited now to try my hand and a whole new set of projects. Good job! - Eileen in NJ


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$29.95 14.95