Wanna Dance? Winding Ways Deluxe 4.5 inch

Millefiori Quilts 4

It’s time to go Dancing—Cheek to Cheek (Millefiori Quilts 4) with the new Winding Ways Deluxe 4.5 inch shapes.

We saved the best for last, so boogie on down!

Inklingo Winding Ways 4.5 inch  BASIC WINDING WAYS

Finally, after adding Deluxe shape collections for Winding Ways 3 inch, 6 inch, 9 inch and 12 inch, the next 4.5 inch size is ready for you.

Like the others, the original 4.5 inch shape collection was published in 2010.

Winding Ways by Linda Franz

To celebrate the new Winding Ways hardcover book (Got yours yet?), there is a free upgrade for everyone who has the original, basic WW shape collection.

(Monkey says, Who does that? Free? Crazy, eh?)

Winding Ways bonus shape

If you already have the original version, all you need to do is log in to your account on the website and download from the Winding Ways 4.5 inch link again. Voilà! The updated version will automatically download. You do not need to place an order for it—and drum roll—you get the a new “double shape” (above) AND a new combo layout AND updated instructions!

Very cool for a hot summer day.

Winding Ways Deluxe 4.5 inch Deluxe Winding Ways

Even better. . .

if you already have the original version, you can upgrade to the new Deluxe version for a low intro price AND dance!

If you don’t already have the original version, you can step in with the new Deluxe version or the basic version at low intro prices too.

Winding Ways Variation

The fabulous blocks in Willyne Hammerstein’s Dancing Cheek to Cheek only use two-fabrics, so there is no need to hesitate over fabric selection. Get out on the dance floor!

Inklingo Winding Ways Deluxe

The Winding Ways block finishes 4.5 inches but with the Deluxe bonus shape, the Dancing Cheek to Cheek block is 4.75 inches, which is exactly the size in the Millefiori Quilts 4 book. Serendipity.

Of course, you could use the shapes in the other Winding Ways Deluxe shape collections for 3, 6, 9 or 12 inch blocks if you prefer to make Dancing Cheek to Cheek bigger or smaller.

Dancing Cheek to Cheek

With 4.75 inch blocks, the center of the quilt without borders is 33.25 x 47.5 inches.

With 6 inch blocks, the center of the quilt without borders is 42 x 60 inches, and so on.

Inklingo Winding Wayys variations

The wider shape in the center of the block looks fabulous AND makes it even easier to sew. The shape collections include instructions for sewing by hand or by machine.

Willyne’s original Dancing Cheek to Cheek is not fussy cut but you might want to use one of the two methods taught in my new Winding Ways hardcover book.

Or. . . you might want to use some of the other extra shapes in the Deluxe shape collection. They are all great.

Inklingo Winding Ways 4.5 inch  Winding Ways Deluxe 4.5 inch


The upgrade to the basic shape collection is free, as described above.

If you haven’t bought Winding Ways yet, the basic shapes are only $20.

The Deluxe version with 4.5 inch shapes is even more fun. Only $35.

  • Everything in the basic version is included in the Deluxe version, so you only need one.
  • The instructions in the old Winding Ways Design Book are also included in both shape collections, so you do not need it too.

As usual, the low intro price lasts for the first week only. Full price is great value too, of course.

Monkey and I did the choreography, so you can get the shape collections. Now we just want to see what you will do with them! Blame it on the boogie.

You might want to get up and dance or you might want to check out the photos and ideas in these recent articles about Winding Ways.

Winding Ways by Linda Franz

The shop is open! I hope you are ordering the new hardcover book too.

Thank you for visiting. Boogie on!

Linda & Monkey

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